About me

About the Daughter of a Seamstress

Daughter of a Seamstress Double Bass/NGV

I’m Leanda, the daughter of a seamstress and a woodworker. My parents are both industrious and creative, handy and practical – all the things that make me into the “resourceful” person I am today. I grew up mainly in the country, but with my toe dipped in the city every holidays.  My adult life in Melbourne is so much shaped by my childhood experiences, and values given to me by my upbringing, that I can’t help but tip my cap to the olds.
Growing up we had vegetables, fruit, cows, geese, dogs, a cat, chickens and eggs. I still do have most of those in my city backyard in Melbourne, Australia. I spent many an hour hanging around my mum’s sewing workshop after school, taking the scraps from the bin and making dolls clothes and “scrunchies”. My first proper sewing lesson at 13 years old yielded a pair of pyjama’s that I still wear today! Mum, being inclined toward hand craft, set the example of not watching TV of an evening, but listening to it with some kind of hand work in your hands instead. Much the same can be said for my time visiting my dad’s shed too, he was always willing to show me something or get me to pass the “such-n-such” while I watched him work or joined in, all of which has allowed me to be confident with a drill, hammer and many other tools around the traps and fix/make the odd thing here and there.  All these things make me passionate about real food, local produce, chemical free/organic, care of the environment , creativity and resourcefulness.
I was never discouraged from creative processes or mistakes and to this day work as a Musician and Teacher, enjoy my garden, photography, creative endeavors and time with my husband and our son, our two Whippets, family and friends. I hope you enjoy the tales of my creative life, making do and mending, in the hope of achieving a more eco friendly and simple approach to life.