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Make Do and Modify – The Purple Dress

Make Do and Mend Modify – The Purple Dress


This is the gorgeous dress my mum, the seamstress, made me! I’m so lucky that every time she needs something for the shop window she makes me a new dress, it’s usually a surprise which I only learn about when I mention a wedding I’m going to, but this one we chose together utilising left over satin mum had (hello post consumer waste right there!). It’s made using an original Vogue paper pattern from the 1950’s, Vintage chic right? Ummmm no, well not with my figure and preferences…
Turns out once on it was quite… well… frumpy/matronly. It was an onslaught of purple on the eyes too! So with the help of the three most brutally honest (in a good way) people ┬áin my life (hubby, besty and editor in chief) and many a picture text, we worked out where it was going wrong. Thus began the make do and modify mission, because getting another dress would be a terrible waste! Obviously these principles can be applied to a vintage/op shop or even outdated dress purchase to make it perfect for you giving it a longer life and keeping it out of landfill!

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