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How to Preserve Olives

How to Preserve Olives that will last 2 years

How to Preserve Olives that will last for 2 years.

I often get asked how I preserve olives. Crazy talk for a very Anglo origin girl, but even my immigrant Italian neighbours asked me how I do mine! My method for olives is a hybrid of knowledge from my friend Jo and the book Preserving Food without Freezing or Canning by Chelsea Green.

After I collected enough olives, black and green and in between, I wash the olives and then I spend some time in front of the TV (probably watching some period drama) cutting slits in them. I use a little paring-style knife to cut up to three slits for big olives, but one or two cuts will be enough. When I say slits it’s really just a stab, no length to the cut as such.