Ankle High Baby Booties – free knitting pattern

Ankle High Baby Booties

These sweet little booties should fit a 3-6mth old, and because I wrote the pattern myself and documented it I am publishing it here to share on Ravelry as well! Here we go…

Ankle High Booties - free knitting pattern.

Fit baby 3-6 Months
Bella Baby Layette, one ball will make several pairs
1 pair each of 3 1/4mm (US 3) and 4mm (US 6) needlesCuff
Using 4mm (US 6) needles cast on 29sts.
Row 1: p
Row 2: k
Row 3: k
Row 4: p
Row 5: p
Repeat Rows 2-5, 3 more times
Row 14: k
Row 15: k
Row 16: p
Row 17: k1, k2tog, knit to last 3 st, k2tog, k1 (27 sts)
Change to 3 1/4mm (US 3) needles and work 6 rows in k1, p1 rib.
Change to 4mm (US 6) needles and work 5 rows stocking stitch starting with a purl row.Divide for top of foot
K18, turn p9, turn
On 9 sts work 12 rows stocking stitch. Break Yarn.
With RS facing, (9sts on needle), pick up 10 sts along the side of the foot, 9sts from toe, pick up 10 sts from along side of foot and 9sts on needle. (47 sts)
Work 6 rows of stocking stitch starting with a purl row.Shape Sole
Row 7: k
Row 8: p1, p2tog, p17, p2tog, p3, p2tog, p17, p2tog, p1
Row 9: k
Row 10: p1, p2tog, p15, p2tog, p3, p2tog, p15, p2tog,p1
Row 11: k
Row 12: p1, p2tog, p13, p2tog, p3, p2tog, p13, p2tog, p1
Row 13: k
Row 14: Cast off.Second Bootie
Make second bootie to match

Join leg seam and under foot seam. Weave in any loose ends.

Personally I think the trickiest part of these is the pick up of the stitches which isn’t that hard once you get the hang of it. I use a crochet hook to make it easier myself.  I also think these would look super cute if you worked a stripe into the cuff before the stocking stitch.

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